Sunday, 9 September 2012

Problems creating online account with Income tax Department

Creating account with Income Tax Department

    One of the basic need to file the returns online is to create the account with Income Tax Department of India.
Creating account is very easy.

  1.      Pan card
  Easy steps:
  1. Go to link:
  2. Click Register, furnish the details, that's it account gets created
  3. Facing problems...??
  Follow the steps below: One reason could be details mismatch, check out the details of pancard first
  1.        Go to link: 
  2.        Go to Services->Know Your Jurisdictional AO
  3.        Enter Pancard number, date of birth and verification code displayed there.
  4.        Note down the details with which your pan card is registered
  5.        Now enter these details properly to create the account     
Still have problem, write an email to

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Filing Income Tax Returns Online

Many of my friends think that filing IT returns is headache. I have simplified the steps to file the same. And it should take no more than 6-8 mins. Generally 31st July would be the last date for filing the returns. However this year government has extended it till 31st August. So one can go ahead and file returns online - making best use of the grace period. You know it's better to teach fishing than.......

  •     Form-16 issued by the company in the offing
  •     And little bit understanding of the same.

  •     Single employer that means only one form -16. 
  •     Income from salary only

  Follow the steps below:
  1.       Go to link: and create an account.
  2.       Click on “eFiling-A.Y. 2012-13 -> Individual/HUF
  3.       Download ITR-1 form(for salaried  persons)
  4.       Furnish personal details, refer Form 16. Fill these sections(may vary from person to person):Personal Information, filing status, income deductions and TAN no. of employer.
  5.       “Income Tax Ward /Cirlce”. To figure it out go to link in step #1 --> Services --> know your jurisdiction  Enter your PAN no. and you’ll get your ward no.
  6.       "Return Filed under section" -> before due date, after dude date etc..
  7.       "Whether original or Revised return" -> use "O-original" if not revised.
  8.       "Residential Status" ->RES - if Resident Indian, NRI - Non Resident Indian.
  9.       "Tax Status" -> Tax Refundable - if TDS cut is more than actuals, Nil Tax Balance - If TDS is correct. 
  10.        Refer your form 16, fill the following details correctly
    1.       Income from salary.
    2.       Deductions under 80C, 80E etc.
  11.       Validate the sheet "Income Details".
  12.       Go to  sheet "TDS" and furnish the details of TDS cut.
  13.       Validate "TDS" sheet.
  14.       Go to "Tax paid and Verification" sheet
  15.       Fill the bank details (in case of any returns A/C No, A/C Type, MICR code )  along with other details. 
  16.       Validate the current sheet, then go to Sheet "Income Details" 
  17.       Now click on Calcualate Tax. Cross check the things again
  18.       If everything is fine click "Generate" - This generates the xml file.
  19.       Now get back to your online account  and upload the xml file generated.
  20.       Take print out of acknowledgement file (ITRV).
  21.       Sign it and send it through ordinary post to following address :
Income Tax Department,
CPC Post Bag No.1
Electronic City Post Office 
Bangalore, Karnataka
PIN 560100